Booking Information

3 – 29 August 2016
@ 11:15 am

The Pleasance Courtyard

Box Office: 0131 556 6550

Community Connections

16th May, 2016,

Dear Edinburgh Educators, Youth Service Managers & Team Leaders,

You and your clients are cordially invited to attend a FREE theatrical production of MERMALADE, a show for young audiences, at the 2016 Theatre Fringe Festival.

Dates: 3-4 August
Time: 11:15am
Location: Pleasance Courtyard
60 Pleasance, EH8 9TJ

Producer/Director: Laura Stevens (Manhattan Children’s Theatre)
Moble: 07722 596 291

Booking Contact: May Dunn, Community Connections Manager
07402 868 081

Below you will find additional information about the production and offer. Please contact May directly if you are interested in booking tickets.

Most Sincerely,
Laura Stevens (Manhattan Children’s Theatre)
07722 596 291

Manhattan Children’s Theatre (Edinburgh)

World premiere

Based on the children’s book by Clare Cockburn-Martin
Illustrated by Anna Welsh
Directed and adapted for the stage by Laura Stevens

A Little Mermaid she is not.
A fast paced, interactive comedy. A universal quest. A play for all ages.

Left with a cryptic note, a pearl, and three annoying oysters for company, MERMALADE is determined to make sense of it all. She’s brave enough to approach the biggest forces in the universe. She’s strong enough to confront those that get in her way. But is she wise enough to find her answer?

Add three life size Oysters as narrators, cameos from the Moon, Sun, Stars, Thor (God of Thunder), a beach setting, a splattering of pop music and one strong-willed 11-year-old girl that never quits and what do you get?

Unlike traditional fairy tales, MERMALADE’s story holds no moral decree. In the Socratic Spirit, the show offers more questions than answers with WHY? being at the top of the list.

Why does everyone tell me what to do and feel?
Why is a pearl so special?
Why do I have to keep asking “WHY?”

Manhattan Children’s Theatre offers complimentary tickets for local youth groups for the preview dates of MERMALADE (3-4 August). Also, on non-performance days the show will be visiting local Edinburgh schools.

Laura Stevens, who recently moved to Edinburgh from her native New York, co-founded Manhattan Children’s Theatre in 2002 and directed over 30 plays since, including theatrical productions for very young audiences (Little Tales, based on folk tales from around the world). Between 2002 and 2011, MCT welcomed over 250,000 audience members through its doors. Laura’s production of The Last of the Dragons debuted at Fringe in 2015 to rave reviews and toured to Biggar in Scotland and Warsaw in Poland to sold-out audiences.

Now Scotland-based, Laura is committed to keeping the mission of Manhattan Children’s Theatre alive: Providing affordable, high quality theatre entertainment to children, families and schools throughout the community regardless of financial means.

For more information about Laura’s 2015 Fringe production visit:

Praise for The Last of The Dragons

“If you’re tired of Once upon a time same old, same old, you should visit Manhattan Children’s Theatre for The Last of the Dragons.”

New York Times

“The idea of a damsel in distress being rescued by a handsome man has been around for so long, we hardly notice it’s there. Which is exactly why it’s so damaging as a stereotype. So hurrah for Manhattan Children’s Theatre for joining a burgeoning list of storytellers re-dressing the balance.”


“This is a tale of bravery, intelligence and unexpected NEW traditions. Beautifully set for the stage and directed by Laura Stevens (…) with an all-Edinburgh cast, this show will delight young and old.”

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